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Finding What We Have/Want


I haven’t been doing much on this site in the way of blogging. I have been trying to get inventory added to the online store as a priority, but to be honest, most of our sales are taking place on eBay anyway.
You’ll be seeing more posts from me on the card industry as well as ways in which we can utilize technology to better find what it is we are looking for as well as ways to reach new audiences to sell to.

I thought I would share an idea with you on how we as card collectors and dealers can more easily search for what we are looking for. In this post, I’ll focus on some ideas around posting cards to Twitter. I am not proposing anything that has the potential to become ‘trending’ but I definitely think that hashtags and search are underutilized when it comes to the sports card arena.

What we need is a system for standardizing hashtag creation for the various sets that are released. I tweeted to Topps with this idea, but got no response from them, so I am taking this up on my own. So here goes…

We need to have a system by which we use this format as a standard when sending sports card-related tweets.



Year = 2013,2012…
Manufacturer = T,B,P,UD,F,etc. (for Topps, Bowman, Panini, Upper Deck, Fleer…)
Set = TT,P,C,T5*,etc. (for Triple Threads, Platinum, Chrome, Five Star…)
Sport = BB,FB,BK,HK (for Baseball, Football, Basketball, Hockey…)

Here’s an example of what I mean: #2013tttbb (which would refer to 2013 Topps Triple Threads Baseball)

If we start to use this system, it will become a standard way to perform searches on Twitter, allowing everyone to find what it is they are looking for, and for dealers it provides a way to group all of their cards from a certain set as well as to see what the competition has available.

Also, given the example above, we can easily extend it to new sets as they are released.

Finally, I’ll keep a running list of hashtags for all of the various sets if there is any confusion so that they can be referred to later. I’ll create a separate page for those shortly and will keep it updated with your corrections and suggestions.

What do you think of this idea? Is it worthwhile? Does it move the hobby forward? Please feel free to comment!